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Showing posts with label FOODIE. Show all posts

Monday, 4 April 2022


Banana Leaf Rice is Truly a Perfect Lunch Menu For the Whole Family!

Did you know, banana leaf rice originated from the Southern of India, in the State of Tamil Nadu, Kerala? This menu was introduced in Malaysia during the British colonial era. Banana leaf rice is very popular among Malaysians especially for lunch because it comes with a variety of sides which makes it a complete meal. In this article, Tourism Selangor has listed for you, 7 restaurants which offer banana leaf rice menu around the State of Selangor! 

  1. Yap Kee Banana Leaf, Klang

Yap Kee Banana Leaf is a restaurant that offers delicious banana leaf rice. It is very popular among tourists and locals. The must-try menu at this restaurant includes spicy fried chicken, fried fish, chicken curry, fish curry or lamb curry served with papadom and cabbage! Also, you should try the amber juice, which completes the meal! 

  1. Kanna Curry House, Petaling jaya

If you come to Section 17, Petaling Jaya, you must try the very appetizing banana leaf rice at Kanna Curry House! The restaurant has been serving banana leaf rice since 1976. Like other restaurants, you can enjoy banana leaf rice with a variety of sides including fried squid, fish curry and many more!

  1. Sri Nirwana Maju Restaurant, Subang Jaya

This restaurant will most likely be your favourite! Sri Nirwana Maju Restaurant located at USJ 9, Subang Jaya serves the unique banana leaf rice with a selection of sides such as bitter gourd which is particularly crispy! In addition, this restaurant also serves other menu such as fried noodles, fried rice and many more!

  1. Laxmi’z Kitchen, Rawang

Located in Rawang, Laxmi’z Kitchen delivers wonderful banana leaf rice to its customers! Are you a fan of crabs? If that’s the case, here is the perfect place for you to enjoy delicious crab masala. Make sure you stop by this restaurant if you are in Rawang!

  1. Acha Curry House, Petaling Jaya

Acha Curry House is a restaurant that offers delicious banana leaf rice in Petaling Jaya. The restaurant serves several options of curry -- from chicken curry, salted fish curry, fish curry, to crab curry. Not only that, you may choose from a variety of vegetable menu such as pumpkin puree, pickled cucumber, bean sprouts and more! Do not miss out the chance to taste it all here!

  1. Matahariis Banana Leaf, Seri Kembangan

Matahariis Banana Leaf in Seri Kembangan has been popular among the locals since 2004. The banana leaf rice is served with white rice or turmeric rice, with a wide selection of vegetables and sides. In addition to banana leaf rice, you can also try the restaurant’s famous thosai!

  1. Macha & Co, The Curve

Macha & Co allows you to dine-in comfortably as it is air-conditioned. The cosy restaurant also serves tasty banana leaf rice. The recipe has been passed down over a few generations, and good news to those who are on diet, Macha & Co also serves brown rice which of course contains more nutrients!

If the thought of banana leaf rice makes you drool, hence what are you waiting for? Bring your friends or family together to “Pusing Selangor Dulu” and enjoy banana leaf rice at the restaurants listed above. Hear hear, banana leaf rice is one of the most-loved meals by Malaysians regardless of age and race!

However, customers are reminded to kindly adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council in accordance to Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan, such as ensuring social distancing, wearing face mask at all times in public, and applying hand sanitizer regularly, for the well-being of many.

Friday, 28 January 2022

NANDO'S: Welcome a Roaring New Year with Nando's Kicap PERi-PERi

 Paired with Nando's Tapau Platter, get ready to huat together with Nando's this Chinese New Year!


KUALA LUMPUR, 28 January 2021 - Ayam masak kicap, mee goreng mamak, Tau Yew Bak... these classic Malaysian dishes from different cultures share an ingredient that is a staple in all Malaysian kitchens — Soy sauce. Deeply inspired by the humble condiment that is loved by all nationwide, Nando's celebrates the fusion of Malaysian and South African PERi-PERi flavours with the all new Kicap PERi-PERi! This is Nando's first ever Asian-inspired PERi-PERi flavour, made with feeling for all Malaysians.


This Chinese New Year, Nando's wants Malaysians to usher in joy and good cheer by bringing PERi-PERi goodness into your home. From 28th January till 15th February, chicken-lovers can take home a full Nando's Tapau Platter for only RM88 with the promo code "TAPAU88" at any Nando's location around Malaysia.


The platter includes: 


  • 1x Whole Chicken

  • 4x Portuguese Nata

  • 4x Regular Sides

  • 4x Drinks


It's the perfect meal for you and your loved ones to enjoy this festive season.



Although Nando's has previously released unique flavours like Mango & Lime PERi-PERi, and even a special Coconut Saucy Bowl, this is the first-ever PERi-PERi flavour formulated with Malaysians' favourite sauce in mind! Nando's new Kicap PERi-PERi is a delicious blend of our world-famous zesty PERi-PERi Sauce with the familiar taste of soy sauce, or as affectionately known, kicap. With the spice kept at a mild level, Nando's wants to ensure everyone can enjoy the new yet familiar flavour, just like our grandmother's cooking. With the tagline #MadeWithFeeling, Nando's delivers deliciousness and nostalgia all through a bite of chicken grilled with love and care.


Nando's Soy PERi-PERi flavor is now available in Nando's outlets nationwide for a limited time from 6 December 2021 to 27 February 2022. For more information, kindly visit www.nandos.com.my or follow Nando's Malaysia Facebook page at www.facebook.com/NandosMY.