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Thursday, 2 February 2023

Clearwater Group opens KINTSUGI Kuala Lumpur with Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Okada Ramsey

After much anticipation, Clearwater Group announced the opening of KINTSUGI Kuala Lumpur with Tokyo Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Okada Ramsey yesterday, at Isetan The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Inspired by the centuries-old practice of "golden joinery", a Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer; KINSUGI is a progressive Kaiseki and Sushi Kaiseki restaurant which reflects Chef Ramsey’s style of kaiseki cuisine.
“The Kintsugi (repaired) pottery is considered beautiful as the breakage and repair were highlighted as part of the history of the pottery. In keeping with the Japanese Kaiseki’s ethos of treating the best seasonal ingredients with love and respect, I hope our guests will also learn to appreciate the cherished Japanese value in finding beauty in imperfection,” Chef Ramsey explained.

Chef Ramsey is no stranger to the culinary scene here in Kuala Lumpur having previously opened Babe by Jeff Ramsey and Japas, both also with Clearwater Group, making him the first Michelin-starred chef to open his restaurant in Malaysia in 2016. Ramsey earned his culinary stripes under the tutelage of Chef Masayoshi Kazato, the official Sushi Ambassador of Japan, and Chef Jose Andres, protégé of the legendary Catalonian Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli, Spain.

He was then handpicked by Japanese super chef Hide Yamamoto as Executive Chef of the Tapas Molecular Bar at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, where he earned and retained a Michelin Star. His latest accolades include becoming the Winning Challenger Chef of Iron Chef Thailand 2022.




“I am absolutely thrilled to open KINTSUGI Kuala Lumpur with Jeff,” states Datuk Jared Lim,
Founder of Clearwater Group. “Kintsugi reflects his culinary journey as a traditionally trained
chef who draws inspiration from the food, people and cultures he has crossed paths with, and
share this personal experience with our guests through his progressive take on Kaiseki cuisine,
all while remaining true to its ancient roots.”








KINTSUGI epitomises Chef Ramsey’s culinary finesse in uplifting the traditional Japanese fine dining experience which is often stiff and rigid, with modernist elements and techniques, infused with the flavours and nuances gathered on his culinary journey as an American-Japanese who has lived in Southeast Asia for the past 8 years. The menu is meticulously crafted to pay tribute to the Kintsugi philosophy and Kaiseki traditions, while pushing boundaries, it remains Japanese from a taste and aesthetic perspective.

The restaurant sources many of its ingredients from Western Japan, where Chef Ramsey’s maternal family and his Japanese wife hail from, and combines these with high-quality local produce. The restaurant has 12 seats at the Kaiseki counter and 18 seats in the dining hall. Divided into two sections, KINTSUGI Kuala Lumpur features a 12-seat Kaiseki Counter, 18 seats dining hall, and 3 private rooms. Renowned architect, Sim Boon Yang, the founding partner of eco.id architects, has created a space that is welcoming and comfortable, utilising gingko leaves as references to historic and iconic events throughout the space, representing endurance and history, as the four trees that survived the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima – Chef Ramsey’s mother is a native who was born in the same year – are still growing today.




Datin Dian Lee, Co-Founder of Clearwater Group added, “We wanted to create an ambience that is sophisticated yet inviting. With an inward focus, Kintsugi is designed to accentuate nature in its purest form. This is evident in our kaiseki counter, which is delicately crafted from Borneo Oak that is native to the islands of Malaysia. Our choice of locally sourced materials aims to highlight the rawness of their forms and evoke a sense of authenticity that leaves behind a thoughtful tribute to the natural elegance of wabi-sabi - a centuries-old Japanese philosophy that motions you to embrace beauty of imperfection.


Over the years, the Clearwater Group has developed impressive credentials in the Malaysian lifestyle sphere and has been delighting Malaysians through its restaurants and wellness services such Japas, Ploy, WAY Modern Chinois, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Ma Maison EBISU, Healthy Ever After, One Sip Artisanal Roastery and Eternal Wellness.

Located on the third floor of Isetan The Gardens Mall, KINTSUGI Kuala Lumpur is now open
for lunch and dinner daily. For reservations, please visit www.kintsugirestaurant.com or call
+6010 381 1330.




Bite-sized appetisers, similar to a French amuse-bouche


Seasonal theme appetisers


Premium seasonal sashimi


Deep-fried dishes


Main Dish


Grill dishes


Rice dish





Fried and soaked in dashi stock


Monkfish (鮟鱇鱼) Liver or Foie Gras of the sea.


Temple Sake


A dessert composed of multiple components assembled into layers, encased in a mousse, enrobed with a glaze and topped with fine decorations.


Puffer Fish


A deep-sea fish with large golden-eyes (金目鲷) and bright red skin which give it a distinctive appearance. It is a  premium white fish with a fairly high fat content and balanced flavour. 


Snow Crab (秋叶蟹),  a quintessential winter delicacy.


Milt or Sperm Sacs (白子)

Monday, 11 April 2022


Enjoy Exciting Activities at Sungai Selangor with Selangor Community Host Programme!

Hulu Selangor District is rich in natural attractions. As such, the Selangor Community Host Programme in the District offers various activities which bring you closer to nature. It is a must-include entry in your travel bucket list as the activities are rarely available in the city. Among the attractions here include the Selangor River which starts from the Pertak Dam and ends in Kuala Selangor District. Continue reading to find out the list of the must-try activities!

  1. Enjoy Water Tubing

Spend some time and enjoy this very exciting activity! Float yourself on a tube along the Selangor River which is definitely a fun thing to do while witnessing the uniqueness and beauty of the surrounding.

  1. Extracting Tin Ore

Tin extraction is a traditional method in mining. Tin ore mining was one of the earliest economic activities carried out in the State of Selangor. Therefore, this is a very interesting opportunity for you to learn on both the history and tin ore extraction! 

  1. Snail-catching and Fishing Experience

There is an interesting activity waiting for you at Selangor River -- catching snails and fishing! This activity is also offered in the Community Host Programme, so we got you covered!

  1. Picnic by the Selangor River!

Have a picnic by the Selangor River while enjoying some snacks is the best way to end your half-day adventure in this District! After carrying out tiring yet fun activities, take a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Partake in the Community Host Programme in Hulu Selangor District to engage in the activities listed above! Do not forget to hop-on the adventure in the State of Selangor, especially during the weekends! If you are interested in participating in this programme, you can make a reservation by contacting 019-329 9760 (Khairunnisak).

However, kindly adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council in accordance to Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan, such as ensuring social distancing, wearing face mask at all times in public, and applying hand sanitizer regularly, for the well-being of many.

Monday, 4 April 2022


Banana Leaf Rice is Truly a Perfect Lunch Menu For the Whole Family!

Did you know, banana leaf rice originated from the Southern of India, in the State of Tamil Nadu, Kerala? This menu was introduced in Malaysia during the British colonial era. Banana leaf rice is very popular among Malaysians especially for lunch because it comes with a variety of sides which makes it a complete meal. In this article, Tourism Selangor has listed for you, 7 restaurants which offer banana leaf rice menu around the State of Selangor! 

  1. Yap Kee Banana Leaf, Klang

Yap Kee Banana Leaf is a restaurant that offers delicious banana leaf rice. It is very popular among tourists and locals. The must-try menu at this restaurant includes spicy fried chicken, fried fish, chicken curry, fish curry or lamb curry served with papadom and cabbage! Also, you should try the amber juice, which completes the meal! 

  1. Kanna Curry House, Petaling jaya

If you come to Section 17, Petaling Jaya, you must try the very appetizing banana leaf rice at Kanna Curry House! The restaurant has been serving banana leaf rice since 1976. Like other restaurants, you can enjoy banana leaf rice with a variety of sides including fried squid, fish curry and many more!

  1. Sri Nirwana Maju Restaurant, Subang Jaya

This restaurant will most likely be your favourite! Sri Nirwana Maju Restaurant located at USJ 9, Subang Jaya serves the unique banana leaf rice with a selection of sides such as bitter gourd which is particularly crispy! In addition, this restaurant also serves other menu such as fried noodles, fried rice and many more!

  1. Laxmi’z Kitchen, Rawang

Located in Rawang, Laxmi’z Kitchen delivers wonderful banana leaf rice to its customers! Are you a fan of crabs? If that’s the case, here is the perfect place for you to enjoy delicious crab masala. Make sure you stop by this restaurant if you are in Rawang!

  1. Acha Curry House, Petaling Jaya

Acha Curry House is a restaurant that offers delicious banana leaf rice in Petaling Jaya. The restaurant serves several options of curry -- from chicken curry, salted fish curry, fish curry, to crab curry. Not only that, you may choose from a variety of vegetable menu such as pumpkin puree, pickled cucumber, bean sprouts and more! Do not miss out the chance to taste it all here!

  1. Matahariis Banana Leaf, Seri Kembangan

Matahariis Banana Leaf in Seri Kembangan has been popular among the locals since 2004. The banana leaf rice is served with white rice or turmeric rice, with a wide selection of vegetables and sides. In addition to banana leaf rice, you can also try the restaurant’s famous thosai!

  1. Macha & Co, The Curve

Macha & Co allows you to dine-in comfortably as it is air-conditioned. The cosy restaurant also serves tasty banana leaf rice. The recipe has been passed down over a few generations, and good news to those who are on diet, Macha & Co also serves brown rice which of course contains more nutrients!

If the thought of banana leaf rice makes you drool, hence what are you waiting for? Bring your friends or family together to “Pusing Selangor Dulu” and enjoy banana leaf rice at the restaurants listed above. Hear hear, banana leaf rice is one of the most-loved meals by Malaysians regardless of age and race!

However, customers are reminded to kindly adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council in accordance to Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan, such as ensuring social distancing, wearing face mask at all times in public, and applying hand sanitizer regularly, for the well-being of many.

Thursday, 31 March 2022


Who Would Have Thought Malls May Offer More than Just Shopping Experience Feel the Adrenaline Rush Now!

1 Utama Shopping Centre is the largest shopping mall in Malaysia with the slogan; "It's All in One" which promotes the idea of ​​shopping and entertainment under one roof. In addition to the shopping experience, 1 Utama Shopping Centre also offers a variety of exciting sports activities to its visitors. There's no need to go from one place to another because you can do it all here! Keep reading to find out what activities you may partake in for the sought-after adrenaline rush! 

  1. FlowRider

Longing to go surfing but you don’t have time to go to the beach? FlowRider is the ideal spot for you to improve your surfing skills. Don't worry if you are a beginner, because the instructors at FlowRider will ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn those currents-defying skills which are definitely exciting! 

  1. WINDLAB Indoor Skydiving

WINDLAB welcomes those who wish to participate in extreme skydiving activity, however carried out indoors. Formerly known as AirRider Indoor Skydiving, it offers a skydiving experience at an altitude of 14,000 feet. They will also be provided with complete safety equipment such as a suit, helmet and a pair of goggles. It is time to experience the stimulation of a free fall!


For those who don’t know, Rollerwa from Korea, recently launched on December 23rd, 2021, which offers a fun experience to 1Utama Shopping Centre’s visitors! The court is also equipped with music and colourful lights which emit cheerful vibes to roller skaters. They can bring their own pair of rollerblades or rent them here. If you are interested in roller-skating and the K-Pop culture, this activity is something should not be missed!

  1. Morac Go Kart

Morac Go Kart opened its door at 1Utama Shopping Centre last December. Feel the adrenaline rush and experience carting around the large circuit. This 420m long track will give satisfaction to the riders for allowing them to race at full speed!

  1. Saranghae Bridge

Saranghae Bridge is a place that does not require any extreme activities. This place is great for unwinding and admiring the beauty of magnificent LED lights, particularly at night. Visitors can also ‘secure their love’ by locking padlocks onto the fences here. For those who like to take pictures of a romantic atmosphere, you can stop by here!

1 Utama Shopping Centre is located in Petaling Jaya, just a 20-minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur. There are many other exciting activities you can do here apart from those listed above. Are you excited to try them all? Don't wait any longer, invite your friends and family to #PusingSelangorDulu this weekend!

However, visitors are reminded to kindly adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the Malaysian National Security Council in accordance with Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan, such as ensuring social distancing, wearing face masks at all times in public, and applying hand sanitizer regularly, for the well-being of many.

Thursday, 24 March 2022


LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA (24 MARCH 2022) – The Danna Langkawi, a leading and award-winning 5-star luxury beach resort, is delighted to announce the appointment of Giuliano Berta as its new Executive Chef. 

Giuliano received his unique experience from around the world and will oversee the culinary operations in his new role, including kitchen management, restaurant, bar and lounge, banquet events, in-room dining and menu planning amongst others while ensuring high-quality services to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Giuliano specialises in authentic Italian cuisine and draws his inspiration from his travels to create flavours that are classic yet innovative. His attention to details is meticulous every step of the way and over the years he has developed his own standard of cuisine with a deep commitment to hospitality.

Born in Brescia, Italy, Giuliano discovered his love for food at a young age after being inspired by his mother. Having spent most of his time with her, he was taught to appreciate the hard work that goes into preparing a meal, watching her carefully craft recipes and he quickly learnt the importance of local and fresh produce. 

He began his career at the age of 16 as a part-timer in Park Hotel Ca’ No, Brescia and continued his culinary journey to La Casa in Bedizzole, a Michelin star restaurant, in 1996. His illustrious career took off when he was selected as the Executive Chef and Operations Manager for Garibaldi Kuala Lumpur, a two-outlet concept Italian restaurant from Singapore awarded as a one-star Michelin fine dining restaurant and a social house bar.

During his time at Garibaldi Kuala Lumpur, Giuliano was responsible for pre-opening the restaurant, including recruiting and training the culinary team. He played a pivotal role in establishing a benchmark so as it was recognised as the Best Italian Fine Dining Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur by TimeOut KL. 

With over 20 years of professional experience in key international establishments, prestigious five-star hotels and free-standing restaurants in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe, Giuliano has melded his interest in global culture with his love for the culinary arts and often marries classic dishes with seasonal ingredients, his signature, however, is combining innovative contemporary techniques with modern interpretations.

Some of his past experiences include Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Ocha & Bella in Morrissey Hotel Jakarta, Shangri-la Hotel Manila, Pullman Hotel Bali, Hotel Muse Bangkok and Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai where he hosted Chaîne des Rôtisseurs as part of the property’s gastronomic journey.

A man on a mission, Giuliano has received notable accolades and recognitions for his culinary expertise such as Thailand’s Best Restaurant 2020 for Medici Kitchen & Bar by Thailand Tatler and he was also featured on Iron Chef Thailand. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Chef Giuliano Berta to The Danna Langkawi family. With his vast repertoire of classical cuisine, we look forward to providing our guests with an innovative and elegant gastronomic journey at our resort. With a flair for Italian and European specialties, Giuliano is a epicurean mastermind who is set to bring a fresh level of creativity to the culinary landscape in Langkawi,” said Karan Singh, General Manager. 

Giuliano holds a diploma in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, graduating from IPSSAR Caterina De’ Medici, Italy. During his leisure time, he loves to explore local cuisines, get into his fitness regime and spend time with his family.